From the recording Erroneous Harmonious

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Written by Kelly
Vocals: Kelly
Back vocals: Timothy
Engineered and mixed by Steve Albini.
Mastered by Bob Weston.


I don't wanna go to work today
But I don't really have a choice anyway
Doesn't matter what I wear today
Cause all I really have to do is say, "hey!"

All I wanna do is fade away
And today nothing seems to be going my way
I just want to tune out and play
But I still have to go around and say, "hey!"

I don't want to go in today
But I don't have anymore sick pay days
I just really wanna fade away
And I hope people don't wanna say, "hey!"

I just need a little break today
And I'll try to make it up another way
But I'm gonna risk losing pay
And I don't have any more vacation days!